Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation of Social Developments projects

Monitoring and evaluation services from Median help to strengthen your interventions and increase impact. Excellent monitoring and assessment practise – with comprehensive data collection and thorough review of results data – is important for demonstrating effect and value for money. You will evaluate the economic and social effects of your programmes by using acceptable outcome metrics.

We bring strong monitoring, evaluation skills to tracking, assessment, and learning engagements, as well as tools to collect quality data from remote areas, a dedication to local capacity building, expertise managing large-scale, complex projects, and informative data visualisation.

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General Ask:

Water sanitation and health hygiene, sustainable livelihoods, gender, energy and environment, education & literacy, urban systems, adolescent/street children vulnerability and inclusive development
We provide hands-on research assistance, including primary data collection in the field, to assist in the design, execution, and assessment of client projects, which are often in diverse environments and cover a broad range of sectors and industries.
It provides the only consolidated source of information, properly tracks the project progress and throws light on the accountability of the brands

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