Market Insights

Market Insights

For surviving disruption, continuous business transformation is needed. Particularly when they are already market leaders, businesses must transform to remain ahead. However, 75% of company transformation projects fail, owing to a lack a disciplined approach. We assist executives in achieving rapid, visible, and long-term improvements in company efficiency, as well as strengthening their organisations to win in the future and converting their companies’ upside potential into radical performance gains.

We help companies develop and thrive in the digital age by putting together the skills needed to help them grow and thrive. With our online sample and detailed insight solutions, you can make data collection and study studies more human. You can depend on the high quality and detailed data provided by our programmatic research solutions.

Our experiences in various projects -

  • Market Sizing & Forecasting
  • Product Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Consumer Portrait
  • Customer Satisfaction-CSAT
  • U&A Study

Our research methodologies

Broadly, there are two process - Qualitative and Quantitative
Quantitative :

General Ask:

Mystery shopping is an intriguing approach of assessing customer experience in which people are recruited to behave as real consumers in a store. The organisation then analyses the feedback from these “mystery shoppers” to determine how close the actual customer experience is to the ideal one.
You can monitor the performance of website and app content including blog articles, pop-ups, banners, and other page components with content tracking. You can keep track of them, as well as the number of impressions and clicks, as well as the click-through rates (CTR) of certain things.
Ethnographic marketing research is a method of learning about what people buy, how they buy it, and why they buy it, as well as the sociality of consumer behaviour. It allows marketers to witness customers demonstrating a bond with a brand in a cultural setting.

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